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In the middle of March 2020, the theatre industry in NYC shut down. Over the weeks that followed, live events throughout the U.S. went dark as people sheltered in place for safety.

But people didn’t stop creating and connecting.

While primarily a stage manager by profession, I’ve always had a fondness for hosting elaborate parties. Determined to raise my friends’ spirits and possessing a horrible weakness for escalation, themed online hangouts transformed into fully immersive, intimate virtual experiences, with the limitations of being an unemployed theatre worker stuck in their apartment also opening the doors to new avenues of creativity.

In July 2020, a friend asked if it would be possible for a themed birthday hangout to become a murder mystery party. What resulted four weeks later was a custom-built 5-hour event for 17 players, each with a unique character, making their ways through an original storyline via multiple locations, puzzles, and platforms in collaborative gameplay.

Now both producing my own events and available for creating customized commissions (that only escalate as much as you want them to!), Inside C8 Productions is excited to continue to connect in new ways that are as accessible as possible.

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“Had a safe and fun Halloween with some amazing people in an interactive, online event organized by a very talented friend. If you’re looking for a unique and entertaining experience that you and your friends can engage in together from the safety of your homes, please check out her website!

I’ve taken part in two of her events so far and they have been some of the few highlights through this pandemic for me. For the first event, I thoroughly enjoyed being a rich socialite in the 30’s who had no idea what to do during a murder mystery. For the second event, I sweated bullets as a free-spirited woman from the 60’s who technically should be dead and is being haunted by the friend she left behind.

Being open to improv is probably an asset, but I strongly believe in [A.K.]’s ability to create a fun scenario for anybody!”

Jocelyn C.

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Re-Opening Night
Event on Saturday, September 11 at 8:00pm-12:00am ET
Sign-ups now closed. Please use the contact form if interested in being on the stand-by list.

Out of the darkness… something is reawakening…

Don’t be caught off-guard when the curtain rises.

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Past Events

January 2021: The New Years’ Office Party

We hope that you’ll join us for the Chromonia Institute’s office party to celebrate the new year… and to make sure that the year 2020 stays in the past where it belongs! Time has been awfully strange lately, and we depend upon timekeepers like yourselves to keep us on track.

Founded in 1985 in anticipation of the new millennium, the Chromonia Institute is a deep-state operation gone rogue. Originating in the United States with the intention of erasing portions of the past, internal leadership took control and were able to splinter off to become their own semi-independent shadow agency in 1999. Now, the Institute monitors the timeline for irregularities and smooths out any wrinkles that pop up.

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October 2020: Making Contact

Dear friend,

I know that this probably seems very sudden, but please believe me when I say that your presence is very important for a special event this Halloween. We have the opportunity to make contact with those on the other side, and we cannot do it without you.

Please come equipped with a candle (and a way to light it), a mirror, salt, and a prized possession. (No dress code although if you want to celebrate the Halloween spirit, feel free… but this is not a silly costume party! We’re conducting serious business!)

Remember: Halloween at 8:00pm ET in my library! Here’s the address: XXXXXXX.

Professor Amelia Berg

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